Exploration of Lived Experiences of Selected Schools in Production Units in Kalomo District, Southern Province, Zambia


The study explored the lived experiences of selected schools in Production Units in Kalomo District, Southern Province, Zambia. The factors considered were the performance; management practices and the factors affecting management, performance and sustainability of production units in Kalomo District. Using the Hermeneutics Phenomenology research design, the study targeted Head teachers and those involved in PU management of which ten schools were purposively sampled. Data was collected by means of an online interview instrument and was coded to bring out the major themes for each research objective. The study found that the PUs were in place and performing at less than their capacity inhibited by lack of resources, animal diseases, poor marketing and competition from commercial agriculture. The school managers had the capacity to improve PU performance. PU was profitable enough to support PU and other school activities such as boarding school feeding and co-curricular activities. PU had management structures. Regarding management practices, it was found that school administrators were involved in planning, monitoring and supervision of production unit. Teachers were involved in the supervision of learners in PU; learners were also involved in PU as an extra-curricular activity; PU committees were involved in the management of PU and full-time/part-time workers were involved in production unit. There were other stakeholders involved in production unit. Recommendations were made to indicate how schools can improve PU with an appropriate model focused on schools mobilising resources, engaging community stakeholders; having PU as part of the mainstream school strategic plan and working with the Ministry of Education on PU. The study contributes towards the enhancement of PU at school and district levels.


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