Impacts of a Continuing Pandemic on the Health of Students in Higher Education: A Focused Look Over time


  •   Heather L. Budden

  •   Connie L. Budden

  •   Michael C. Budden


The rapid emergence of Covid-19 caught many people off guard worldwide. Online images and videos of patients in Chinese hospitals heralded a pandemic that would negatively impact not just peoples’ health, but would hinder efforts by organizations worldwide, including the operations of most universities. Colleges and universities moved learning to virtual delivery and cancelled on-campus activities with little warning. Students and faculty alike had to adapt to the new reality of forced distance education, isolation, and an uncertain future. As might be expected, the pandemic affected students’ lives in many ways. This article investigates the impact of a stay-at-home order on the health of students in a higher education environment across two semesters during the height of the pandemic.

Keywords: Health, Higher Education, Mental Health, Pandemic, Physical Health.


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