Gender-based Consumer Behavior Impacts of a Pandemic: Two Semesters In


  •   Michael C. Budden

  •   Dr. Heather Budden

  •   Dr. Michael Jones

  •   Dr. Teri Root


Gender differences in consumer behaviors of college students in the US resulting from the move to online education as a result of a stay-at-home order relative to the pandemic are investigated. The findings of a survey of students who were forced to attend online classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic are reported. The students in the study had experienced two semesters of online education resulting from Louisiana’s emergency health order encouraging people to social distance, take precautionary health measures, reduce travel and basically stay home as much as possible. The impact of Covid-19 on retailing and spending habits of college students is discussed. Findings of consumer behavior impacts relative to gender are presented. The analysis revealed differences existed between male and female students in their spending patterns and consumer behaviors.

Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Gender, Pandemic, Students.


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