Evaluation of Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic


  •   Andoyo Sastromiharjo

  •   Yeti Mulyati

  •   Vismaia S. Damaianti

  •   Fitra Youpika

  •   Trifalah Nurhuda

  •   Nabila N. Yusuf

  •   Raisa B. Puspagharini


This study aims to describe the response of Indonesian language teachers at SMP to the evaluation of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The method used in this research was a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. The data were the responses of 151 Indonesian language teachers in Junior high school. The collection of the data was through questionnaires using google forms which are distributed online. Data analysis went through three stages, namely: reducing data, describing data, and drawing conclusions. The results of the study showed that the evaluation of learning conducted by Indonesian language teachers at Junior high school during the Covid-19 pandemic has not been effective, so following-up is needed so that future learning can be better.

Keywords: evaluation, effectiveness, online learning


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