Quality Education: Critical Policy Considerations that Impact Teacher Retention in Schools

Francis R. Ackah-Jnr, John Appiah, Emmanuel A. Abedi, Isaac Opoku-Nkoom, Mohammed A. Salaam
 Abstract views: 1527
  Downloads: 364

Postgraduate Students’ Views on Mentoring in the Educational and Academic Context

Pelagia A. Stravakou, Evangelia C. Lozgka
 Abstract views: 294
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Learner Identity and Lifelong Learning: A Mixed-Method Study

Monique Landberg, Torsten Porsch
 Abstract views: 352
  Downloads: 272

Clinical Reasoning Learning Sessions in COVID 19 Pandemic

Soukaina Wakrim, Radia Chakiri, Asmaa Wakrim
 Abstract views: 107
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The Sources of Meaning in Life Among Educators of Socially Vulnerable Adults

Anastasia Kefala, Maria Platsidou, Georgia Diamantopoulou
 Abstract views: 148
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Developing Curricula in a Distance Learning Environment: Attending to the Different ‘Voices’

Khetsiwe Eunice Mthethwa-Kunene, Patience Dlamini, Talent Rugube, Cosmas Maphosa
 Abstract views: 203
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Social Acceptability of Non-Formal Education in India

Fatima Islahi, . Nasrin
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School Principals' Informal Criteria in Assessing Their Teachers: A Comparative Study

Sudeshna Lahiri, Professor, Eliezer Yariv, Simona Butnaru
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Inclusion and Education: Challenges of Children with Special Needs in the Regular Teaching Room and the Challenges of the Teacher Who Works in the Early Childhood Education

Jeneffer Florence Oliveira Neves, Nayara Gaspar de Holanda Lima, Marcelo Albuquerque de Oliveira, Marcelo Silva Pereira, Levi da Silva Guimarães, Gisele Amaral Cintra
 Abstract views: 229
  Downloads: 1096

Teaching Practice with Autistic Children: Challenges and Possibilities

Mayra Louise Barreto Cordeiro, Nayara Gaspar de Holanda Lima, Marcelo Albuquerque de Oliveira, Marcelo Silva Pereira, Levi da Silva Guimarães, Gisele Amaral Cintra
 Abstract views: 125
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Self-assessment of ESL Learners’ Emotional Skills – A Study of Engineering Students

Chandrasekaran Saranya, Rajakumar Guduru
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Human Rights and Inclusion in the Labor and Educational Context in an Organization in Porto Velho (RO): An Approach from the Perspective of Sexual Diversity

Sandra Cardoso Dutra, Vulmar de Araújo Coêlho Júnior, Gisele Amaral Cintra, Marcelo Albuquerque de Oliveira
 Abstract views: 143
  Downloads: 100

Implementation of Blended Learning in Higher Learning Institutions in Zambia: A Case of Kwame Nkrumah University

Oliver Magasu, Jive Lubbungu, Lucy Kamboni, Exsaviour Sakala, Beatrice Kapanda
 Abstract views: 226
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Students Considering Dropping Out: Comparing New and Experienced Students

Georgios Stamelos, Anthi Adamopoulou
 Abstract views: 187
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Understanding the Experienced Opportunities and Threats of Online Learning in a Professional Development Programme

Cosmas Maphosa, Talent Tapiwa Rugube, Khetsiwe E. Mthethwa-Kunene, Patience Dlamini
 Abstract views: 232
  Downloads: 145

Towards Enhancing Quality Physical Education Lessons: The Role of Improvisation

Emmanuel Aboagye, Ebenezer K. Armoh, Samuel R. Marcourt, Vivian V. Dougblor, Theophilus A. Ossei-Anto
 Abstract views: 237
  Downloads: 291

Pedagogy of Petroleum Engineering in Nigeria

Azubuike H. Amadi, Paul O. Okafor, Victor D. Ola, Prosper O. Umukoro, Chiedozie V. Oluigbo, David U. Robinson, Kehinde E. Ajayi
 Abstract views: 331
  Downloads: 176

Impacts of a Continuing Pandemic on the Health of Students in Higher Education: A Focused Look Over time

Heather L. Budden, Connie L. Budden, Michael C. Budden
 Abstract views: 151
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Evidence of Mental Health in University Students: A Contribution to Literacy

Olívia Conceição Costa Maria, Ana Maria Galvão, Maria José Liébana
 Abstract views: 126
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Assessment of Competencies in Technology Operation and Concepts among Teachers in a Philippine State University

Michael B. Batan, Jasten K. D. Treceñe, Jessie R. N. Delos Santos, Ramelito R. Paler
 Abstract views: 1131
  Downloads: 777