Maladaptive Perfectionist of Excellent School Students

Hairani Lubis, Astiara Puspita Sari, Erika Putri, Nabila Juwairiyah
 Abstract views: 362
  Downloads: 412

Gender-based Consumer Behavior Impacts of a Pandemic: Two Semesters In

Michael C. Budden, Dr. Heather Budden, Dr. Michael Jones, Dr. Teri Root
 Abstract views: 299
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Researching the Behavior of Students Regarding the Multicultural Approach during of Physical Education Lesson in Greek Elementary School

Harilaos Zaragas, Panagiotis Mantzioukas, Amaryllis Stergiou, Georgios Nikolaou
 Abstract views: 216
  Downloads: 250

Indecent Dressing Among Female Undergraduates on Sexual Conduct and Study Engagement of Their Male Counterparts in Universities in the Southeast Nigeria

Mary Nneka Nwikpo , Elizabeth Ifeoma Anierobi , Azukaego Ifeoma Eluemuno , Anthony Obinna Ezennaka, Victor Ugochukwu Ezeonwumelu
 Abstract views: 1136
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Analysis of Hidden Violence Toward Female Student, A Case Study of: State Senior High School 1 Turi

Syahrul Ramadhan, Riszki Anjarsari Prihaditama, Amika Wardana
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Measuring Behavioral Evaluation Performance Using Neural Network and Regression Analysis

Dimitrios Varveris, Vasilios Tsiantos, Vasilios Saltas
 Abstract views: 332
  Downloads: 182

Challenges and Opportunities of Online Assessment Implementation During Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Based on Recent Studies

Made Sri Diarsini, Luh Putu Artini, Ni Nyoman Padmadewi, Ni Made Ratminingsih, I Gusti Ayu Lokita Purnamika Utami, Ni Putu Era Marsakawati
 Abstract views: 701
  Downloads: 792

Deep Talk: A Dialogic Instruction Method for Enhancing the Sense of Belonging

Juli-Anna Aerila, Maiju Kinossalo, Mari Siipola, Piia Laaksonen, Anu Lamminen, Tuula Valkonen
 Abstract views: 656
  Downloads: 306

Factors Affecting Trainees’ Performance in Organic Chemistry in Colleges of Education in Ghana

Stephen Kwame Amoako, Kwasi Oppong, Jonah Addai Tabi, Theophilus Aquinas Ossei-Anto
 Abstract views: 527
  Downloads: 496

Research on the Effectiveness of STEM Course in the Language Development of Physics

Qi Tian, Zhi-Xin Huang, Chun-Xiao Wu, Ji a Yu
 Abstract views: 179
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The Effect of Self-Confidence Reinforcement on Changes in Students’ Cognitive Ability in Collaborative Learning

Firdaus Hendry Prabowo Yudho, Andi Kurniawan Pratama, Rekha Ratri Julianti, Akhmad Dimyati, Rahmat Iqbal
 Abstract views: 998
  Downloads: 476

Student’s Personal Coping with University Studies while Facing Drop Out

George S. Androulakis, Dimitra A. Georgiou, Pantelis Kiprianos, George Nikolaou, Georgios Stamelos
 Abstract views: 324
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The Perceptions of Quality of Students’ Welfare Services in a University in Kenya

Elizabeth L. Sadera, Prof. Edward K. Tanui, Dr. Augusine M. Kara
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Lunar Phases Refutation Texts: Suplement Texts to Overcome Students’ Misconceptions

Syuhendri Syuhendri, Sardianto M. Siahaan, Abidin Pasaribu
 Abstract views: 281
  Downloads: 291

Content Analysis of LGCSE Religious Studies Syllabus: To What Extend Does It Address the 21st Century Skills?

Lehlohonolo Kurata, Setho J. Mokhets’engoane, ’Mampota Selialia
 Abstract views: 955
  Downloads: 323

Motor Development and Painting Creativity of Primary School Children

Harilaos Zaragas, Vasilios Koutras, Ioannis Hristakos, Georgia Rapti
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Special Education in Spain

Leire García Romero
 Abstract views: 835
  Downloads: 488

Is the Special Education Good in Spain?

Lucia Lorenzo Rizzoto
 Abstract views: 139
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Assessing Mobile Device Security Awareness Among First-Year Undergraduate Students in Ghana: The Case of The University of Cape Coast

John K. E. Edumadze, Alexander N. T. Kissiedu, Stephen E. Mensah, Benedict A. Biney
 Abstract views: 258
  Downloads: 245

Parents’ Satisfaction on Online Learning: A Review

Siti Pratiwi, Fasti Rola, Titin R. Rambe
 Abstract views: 507
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